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The structure characteristics of the block type brush.

1. The brush body is divided into two pieces, thus improving the ability of the brush to inhibit the spark. Because when the commutation element ends, there is still some electromagnetic energy in the commutation circuit to be released, and when this part of energy is sufficiently large, there will be a reverse spark. The size of the additional commutation current ik depends on the resistance of the commutating circuit to a certain extent, which reduces the additional commutation current in the commutator element, thus improving the commutation of the motor.

2. The brush body is divided into two pieces, because each of the brush can be relatively independent, with good dynamic performance, each flap has less chance to jump off the surface of the commutator, thus improving the sliding contact of the brush.

3. When the motor is running at high speed, the brush will generate high frequency flutter in the brush holder, which will increase the loosening and shedding of the brush and increase the mechanical spark. The structure has a silicone rubber pad on the top of the brush, which can greatly reduce the vibration of the brush and improve the mechanical impact strength of the brush and reduce the loosening and peeling of the brush. Brush pressure changes less.

4. The silicone rubber pressure pad is coated with a layer of silicone laminated glass cloth, which can prevent the silicone rubber pad from hardening or damaged under the long time of the pressure finger, so as to reduce the absorption effect. At the same time, it enables the pressure between the fingers and the brush to avoid the damage of the current through the brush box and spring when the brush flap is loose or loose.

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