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Why is the price of permanent magnet textile machine high?

The foreseeable future is the golden age in the development of energy-saving technology, energy saving technology covers the range is wide, including waste heat utilization, building materials and energy saving, electricity, energy saving etc many fields, including motor energy conservation is a key link in the process of industrial energy saving. At present, the development of motor industry in China is relatively good, and the variety of motor is also diverse. The advanced permanent magnet textile motor is welcomed in the industry. In China's electricity consumption, the motor consumption accounts for a large part of the total power consumption of the industry, so it is very important to seek the energy saving of the motor.

Is also very competitive in the field of motor energy conservation, the industry application of textile is more permanent magnet motor, but some people might think, textile permanent magnet motor than other some more expensive, but one may be more understand the truth of the industry, the textile permanent magnet motor expensive nature is has its reason. First of all, from the aspects of efficiency, permanent magnet textile motor efficiency than other ordinary motor efficiency is higher, the resulting costs are high and permanent magnet used in textile machine, also be more precious metal materials, these also lead to the high cost of the motor, so the price of the permanent magnet textile motor is higher.

Energy-efficient characteristics of permanent magnet textile motor is very outstanding, the fastest 3 months can recover the cost of purchasing the motor already, so in the long run, energy-saving reconstruct permanent magnet synchronous motor is best choice.

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