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How to avoid textile motor burning?

1. Always keep the textile motor clean.

Textile machine in running around for at least 3 m in inlets, there is no dust, tar and other sundry, to prevent internal suction motor, form a short circuit medium, or damage to the wire insulation, cause short circuit, current increases, temperature surface burned textile machine. Therefore, to ensure that the textile motor has enough insulation resistance and good ventilation and cooling environment, the textile motor can maintain a safe and stable working state in the long run.

2. Keep the textile motor frequently at rated power flow.

The main reason for the overload operation of the textile motor is due to the excessive load, too low voltage, or the mechanical lag caused by the drive. If overload time is too long, the textile machine will absorb a large number of active power from the power grid, the current increases sharply, temperature rise, textile machine under high temperature insulation aging failure surface burn. Therefore, in the operation of textile motor, it is important to check whether the transmission device is flexible and reliable. Whether the concentricity of the coupling is standard; The flexibility of gearing. If there is a lag card phenomenon, it should be stopped immediately to find out the reason and then run again.

3. Check whether the three-phase current of the textile motor is balanced.

Three phase asynchronous textile motor, the difference between the three phase current and the other two current average is not allowed to exceed 10%, so as to ensure the safe operation of the textile motor. If excess indicates that the textile motor has a fault, it must be identified.

4. Check the temperature of the textile motor frequently to check whether the temperature of the bearings, stator and shell of the textile motor is abnormal.

Especially for non - voltage, current and frequency monitoring and non - overload protection of textile motor, the monitoring of temperature rise is more important. If the bearings of the textile motor are overheating and lack of oil, if the temperature rise near the bearing is too high, the inspection should be stopped immediately. The rolling body of the bearing, whether there are cracks, scratches or damage on the surface of the raceway, whether the bearing clearance is too large, and whether the inner ring is rotating on the axle, etc. Any of these phenomena occurs. All must renew the bearing to redo the work.

5. Observe whether the textile motor has vibration, noise and abnormal odor.

If the textile motor has a vibration, it will cause the load to be connected with it to increase, and the load of the textile motor will increase. If it is overloaded, it will burn the textile motor. Therefore, in the operation of the textile machine in, especially high-power textile machine more often should check the foundation bolt, textile motor end cover, bearing gland is loose, whether the grounding device, reliable and timely solve the problems found. Noise and odour are the precursor of abnormal operation of textile motor and then serious failure. It is necessary to find out and find out the reason.

6. Guarantee the normal operation of the starting equipment.

The technical state of the starting equipment of the textile motor plays a decisive role in the normal start of the textile motor. Practice has proved that most of the burnt textile motors are caused by the abnormal operation of the starting equipment. If the starting device is absent, the contactor contacts the arc and the fire. The maintenance of the starting equipment is mainly clean and fastening. If the contact with contact is not clean, the contact resistance will be increased, causing the heat to burn the contact point, causing the missing phase and burning the textile motor. The iron core rust and dust accumulation of the contactor suction coil will cause the coil to be closed, and strong noise will be generated. The coil current will be increased and the coil will be burnt and the coil will be damaged.

Therefore, electrical control cabinet should be located in a dry, ventilated and convenient location, and regularly dedusting. Often check contactor contact, coil, iron core, all wiring screws and so on are reliable, the mechanical parts movement is flexible, to keep its good technical state, thus ensuring start work without burning textile machine.

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